"Fillydelphia is preparing for war.  A time of change in the wasteland is approaching as a new faction descends from the clouds.  Yet within the city, the Master is returning to power.  All must decide who their loyalties lie with for the battle approaching on the horizon.  Beneath this, one little slave begins to see the end of his great journey in sight.  Under the fires of war, he and his friends must, at last, make their bid for freedom."

Commissioned by Fuzzy, cover art for the third act of his story Murky Number Seven !

Now with three bonus versions : No fight, at night, and doge blight.

What can I say to express my utmost delight at this? More than anything else, this was always the “image” of MN7 that I had in mind. Murky, the wall and the sunset was the “self iconography” I’ve always had as my vision for the story’s core. Now it’s there and a reality, Omega Ridley did unbelievable levels of work. The details, the colour pallete, the scale…beyond astounding. Every step of this WIP I’ve been blown away and I’m so happy to present it to you guys for the Act 3 endgame chapters coming. (Yet to start writing the next one due to PC change, work and PC PROBLEMS but we’re getting there!)

Not seen those varients before, I love the nighttime one!


Sneak peek at what is probably my most ambitious piece to this day.It is huge. And it’ll be posted tonight. Or tomorrow morning, I dunno, depends on my brother’s generosity.

What’s this then, I wonder…
Wink wink nudge nudge…


Sneak peek at what is probably my most ambitious piece to this day.
It is huge. And it’ll be posted tonight. Or tomorrow morning, I dunno, depends on my brother’s generosity.

What’s this then, I wonder…

Wink wink nudge nudge…

Hi there, Fuzzy. This is a bit of a mix between asking for your advice and opinion, and I did hear you mention this subject before, but I really need a second opinion. I've been working on a Fallout: Equestria story of my own (nothing released yet), yet I do not believe I can implement quotes and level footnotes as masterfully as Kkat did. I considered not using them, but then it feels like a betrayal of the original. Whatever should I do? (Thank you in advance for your answer.)

They really aren’t as nessesary as it may be thought. I did the same originally, I had them because “You have to have them right?”

Only recently have I realised they really aren’t. I tried to play around with it and do interesting things but it wasn’t ever nessesary. Honestly, if you’re unsure about it then there’s nothing forcing you to. No-one will look down on it if you don’t. I’ve never seen anyone do so on any. There’s no worry about that.

If you have some killer quote ideas of a playful perk concept, sure, go ahead. But don’t put it in because you feel you have to. Like anything in a story, if it’s not serving the story in some way, drop it.

I'm glad the issue with FimFic was sorted out, but just out of curiosity, if something like that ever did actually occur and you were permanently unable to access your account, what would you do? The idea of you simply quitting production of MN7 is admittedly quite terrifying, and I just wanted to know how you'd go about solving a problem that large.

I’d have had to just use a new account and round up all the people I could by bending the rules slightly on FimFic to alert folks. I wouldn’t have stopped, don’t worry about that!

You should probably change your fimfic email to a working one now in case something like this happens again.

Already done.


Turns out that FimFic’s dodgy maintainence shutdown earlier today mid way through my password change basically cut my password in half. I had to test it letter by letter till it worked.

How…bizarre. But crisis over.

Well this is…potentially devastating

Got an issue. A big one.

FimFic constitutes the majority of my readers these days, by the stats. Unfortunately, I cannot log into it on my new PC. At all. The password just doesn’t work.

On the old PC thats still logged in, I try to change it…but you need to know your password to be able to change it.

The email is a defunct one I have no access to anymore, one the last owner of the account used. The details he gave me don’t work so…can’t recover it either.

And can’t change the ermail because you need your password to do that.

So I’ve send an email to the admin and asked on IRC, but I don’t know what this will achieve. I have my tumblrs and an already logged in account to try and prove who I am to them. If it doesn’t get sorted then unfortunately the production of MN7 on FimFic is going to crash and burn right at the finale. Starting a new account is a horrifying prospect, I’d lose everything I’d built over the years in terms of a readerbase, even with messages flagging it up.

So we’ll have to hope. I have my email, tumblrs, Gdocs Hub, the word of some known people, I’ll just have to make the case as best I can.

When I first started reading MN7 it was hard for me to get past murky's beginning personality but as I read more, I found myself unable to stop reading, any way on to the question..... Where do you get your inspiration to write from( if your willing to share that)

I’m not sure where I’d say the inspiration is. I know that what drives me is being able to have people enjoy things I do. I love sharing pleasure and emotion through creations so writing was just the way I picked. Thats what makes me feel happy to sit and think “How would someone react to reading this bit? What emotion will they be feeling?” It’s how I feel most confident in levering response from things.

It’s also what spurs me on, that excitement over hearing if people reacted the way I hoped or not.

Okay but wait a second... Murky noticed that coral has slowly stopped hating brim to the point of being able to actually plan with him. ARE YOU GOING TO FORCE A SHIP!?

If there’s any shipping to do with Coral, it’s mostly the kind I like to wind up Zubias about.

There’s a joke no-one but him is going to get.