So how OLD is Murky, exactly? Judging from the way he acts I'd peg him in like his early teens, at least.

Deliberately vague to an extent. I never like stating perspective characters’ age very much when they’ve got to be inhabited by the reader. Also because of his feelings toward what he thinks of Pip also rely on her vague age too to however people see her.

However, I’d say he’s somewhere between 14-21, including the extremes. Remember Murky is likely very underdeveloped maturity wise given he’s never had any chance to grow and think for himself, hence the max age being what it is there. But it’s likely anywhere in between those and I’ve heard people recommend any of them at any areas in their own headcanons.

For people still wondering about the other characters while I’m on the topic.

Murky is easily the youngest of them all.
Unity is perhaps a year or two older than Murky. (15-22)
Protégé is a few years older than Murky (likely 17-23 range)
Glimmerlight is a young adult. (24-28)
Caduceus is about the same as Glimmer.
Sunny Days is around the same area, but slightly older. (25-29)
Coral Eve is a mature adult. (31-37)
Chainlink Shackles is in his prime. (42-49)
Brimstone Blitz is well into his sixties, he’s a lot older than many (including the characters) often realise, just his body is so built on years of effort that his ‘prime’ of physical condition is still way up there, he’d have another few years yet before he deteriorates. (63-68)

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